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"Mrs. Roberson laid everything out on the table to let me know what I was dealing with" -L.M.

"Ms. Roberson was very attentive and handled my case with professionalism. Ms. Roberson prepared the documents for my case, and she was very prompt. She was great to me. Even when I was losing control, she remained level-headed, which allowed me to make good decisions". - K.L.

"I was pleased with the services and the outcome." -J.C.

"You worked beyond the call and stayed all day with me in family court." - C.C.

"I just wanted to say 'Thanks for your ear and email info. I wish I was able to give you more because I feel you deserve it". - T.B. & V.B.

"Attorney Roberson always communicated with me and explained everything thoroughly. You did exactly what you said you would do". - C.M.

"She was very thorough in explaining the process. Everything was pleasant, made the process easier". - A.E.

"This law office came highly recommended, and I was pleased with our initial meeting. I was emailed regularly with the latest updates regarding my case. I believe the case was handled as promptly as expected, considering the whole reason. Documents were done very quickly. We were very pleased. I was pleased with the service of such a difficult situation". -A.W.

"The attorney was well experienced and willing to help us. We'd recommend the attorney for anyone seeking help. Thanks". - C.M.

"You sat down with me and informed me of all my legal matters. The services were excellent. If someone came to me and asked me if I knew someone to help them get a divorce, it would be you!!"- F.M. 

"Courteous, knowledgeable, and available."-C.B.

"Reputable, honest, and professional. I'm satisfied with the outcome". - Z.J.



​We have been in business for the past 10 years, and we are licensed to practice throughout the state of Texas. Our office is located in Houston, TX, but we will travel to other cities and counties for your case. Although we can not guarantee a particular outcome; we have a successful track record in trying cases in both first and second chair. Every client is given the same level of professional service regardless of the nature and size of their case. Our commitment to each client is to provide them with expert advice about their case, keep them updated on the status of their case, and guide them through each milestone from start to finish. We work for hard for you!


"Because of your thoroughness and knowledge of legal procedures and the speedy attention to my case I would recommend your service to others."
- D.P.
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At Roberson Law Firm we take the time to understand your concerns and your needs. We don’t just take on a case without understanding the circumstances surrounding every case and how these circumstances have impacted the lives of our clients.

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