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We represent clients in many different types of cases.  The areas below are our primary areas of focus, but may not represent all areas of law that we may be able to represent you in. Please contact our office to inquire on how we may be able to assist you with your case.



Are you thinking about starting a business? Well, we can help you. We have assisted clients in beginning all types of businesses, from limited liability companies to non-profit corporations. We also address trademark and copywriting issues. Just let us know how we can meet your needs.


If you already have a business and need legal representation or advice, we can assist you. From contract formation to the defense of a lawsuit, we will work to protect your interest. The work we do with businesses can save you legal ramifications in the long run, so please ask us today!


We have handled all kinds of issues within the criminal justice system, whether felonies or misdemeanors. We will assist you in weighing your options, and we only accept those offers that you approve. Regardless of the circumstance, we treat you as a human being, and we strive to resolve your issue as immediately as possible. Those with outstanding warrants are welcome to visit us.

Got a traffic ticket? Forget to show up to your court date? Have outstanding traffic warrants? Well, we can help you along your way. Again, we will travel outside of the City of Houston.


​Understanding your rights in family cases can be quite difficult, and the process can be long and tedious.  However, we are here to help you get through it.  We provide our experience in various areas of family law, including:

- Child support issues
- Child custody issues
- Uncontested and contested divorces
- Adoptions
- Name change




We handle all types of civil work, whether you are bringing a claim against someone or whether someone is bringing a claim against you.  Our civil areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

- Administrative grievances and hearings
- Consumer rights
- Civil rights
- Debtor/creditor issues
- Employment rights
- Personal Injury
- Landlord/tenant issues


It is important that you plan for the unexpected.  We may be able to assist you with that planning by providing the following services:

- Wills
- Power of Attorneys
- Probate
- Guardianship


“She was very thorough in explaining the process.  Everything was pleasant, made the process easier”

About Us

At Roberson Law Firm we take the time to understand your concerns and your needs. We don’t just take on a case without understanding the circumstances surrounding every case and how these circumstances have impacted the lives of our clients.

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Roberson Law Firm, PLLC

2700 Post Oak Boulevard

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Houston, Texas 77056


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